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Blessing of Graves

Blessing of Graves - 05/14/2020

Due to the Pandemic with limited gatherings, the blessing of the graves took place without notification to the parish.  Over 1,500 graves were blessed in both Sibley and Minooka cemeteries.

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Katia's High School Graduation

Katya's Graduation - 08/04/2019

Katya graduated from high school and was given a spiritual book for her accomplishment.  She plans to attend Princeton University.

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First Confession

First Confession - 06/30/2019

Michael and Mia were given a copy of the Divine Liturgy book in recognition of receiving their first confession.

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Post Office delivery of Food

Post Office delivery of food - 05/11/2019

The U.S. Post Office collects food on the second Saturday of May and then distriubutes it to local Food Pantries.  St. Michael's Orthodox Food Pantry is one of those receipients and we are so greatful.  We received 5,405 lbs. this year and we are blessed to then distribute it to families in need in Old Forge, Duryea and Taylor.

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Baptism of David

Baptism of David - 03/09/2019

A glorious day for David and his Family.

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Installation of Parish Council

Installation of Parish Council - 02/03/2019

The installation of the Parish Council took place on Sunday, February 3, 2019

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Baptism of James

Baptism of James - 04/14/2018

We welcome James into our Church

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Pascha 2018

Pascha - 04/08/2018

Pascha Celebration

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Baptism of Abigail

Baptism of Abigail - 07/01/2017

A special day for Abigail and her family.

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Baptism of Wren Elizabeth

Baptism of Wren Elizabeth - 03/18/2017

A special day to celebrate the Baptism of Wren Elizabeth

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Bp. Mark serving

Bp. Mark serving - 03/05/2017

His Eminence Arch Bishop Mark served Divine Liturgy at our Church.

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Installation of Parish Council

Installation of 2017 Parish Council - 01/22/2017

His Eminance Arch Bishop Mark gave his blessing for the 2017 Parish Council members to serve.  The installation of the oath of office took place after Divine Liturgy on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

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125th Anniversary

St. Michael's 125th Anniversary - 11/06/2016

St. Michael's Orthodox Church celebrated its 125th Anniversary.  His Eminence Arch Bishop Mark was unable to make it due to his mother passing away on Friday, November 4th.  Sandra Condon, Jean Wasko and Dorothy Polanchik were awarded a Gramata.  A catered meal was enjoyed by everyone in our Hall basement.

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Nina's Retirement

Nina's change from full time to part time Choir Director - 06/26/2016

Nina changed her status from full time to part time Choir Director.  May God grant Nina many years.

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Jake Emily's Graduation

Jake Emily's Graduation - 06/12/2016

Jake Emily graduated from Scrant Prep High School.  Jake was presented with an Orthodox Study Bible and he is planning to attend St. Joe' University.

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St. Thomas Sunday Easter Egg Hunt

St. Thomas Sunday Easter Egg Hunt - 05/08/2016

An Easter Egg hunt was held after Divine Liturgy on St. Thomas Sunday.

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Pascha - Blessing of Baskets

Pascha - Blessing of Baskets - 05/01/2016

A beautiful service of Pascha was celebrated following with the blessing of baskets.

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Baptism of Miroslav - 04/30/2016

Miroslav was baptized into the Orthodox Church on Holy Saturday.  May God grant him many years.

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Bishop Mark's visit - 04/20/2016

His Eminence Archbishop Mark celebrated Presanctified Liturgy with our church.

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Sunday School Presentation on their Patron Saint

Sunday School Presentation of their Patron Saint - 02/21/2016

The Sunday School students gave a short presentation to the church at the end of Divine Liturgy on their Patron Saint.  Each of the students made an icon of their Patron Saint.

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OCMC Missionary Archimandrite Fr. Juvenaly Repass visit

OCMC Missionary Archimandrite Fr. Juvenaly Repass - 12/20/2015

OCMC Missionary Archimandrite Fr. Juvenaly Repass came to our church to help raise funds for this trip to Guatemala.  Fr. Juvenaly taught Sunday school and he also informed us of his plans to Guatemala.  We were blessed to have Fr. Juvenaly spend the weekend with us.

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Fr. Theodore Orzolek's 50th anniversary to the Priesthood

Fr. Theodore Orzolek's 50th anniversary to the Priesthood - 12/19/2015

A Molieben was served on behalf of Fr. Theodore Orzolek's 50th anniversary to the priesthood.  A luncheon followed at Arcaro and Genell.  May God grant Fr. Theodore many years.

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Bp. Mark's Visit

Bp. Mark's Visit - 11/01/2015

St. Michael's Church graciously welcomed His Eminence Arch Bishop Mark to celebrate Divine Liturgy and for fellowship.  His Eminence awarded a Gramata to John and Irene Pritchyk, Al Pritchyk and Al Horek for their many years of service to the church.

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Church Yard Sale

Church Yard Sale - 09/26/2015

Our Church Yard Sale was a success.  Many people enjoyed the shopping, food and desserts.

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Church School Blessing

Church School Blessing - 09/06/2015

Sunday School started today and there was a molieben for the teachers and students after Divine Liturgy.

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Blessing of new vestments and lampadas

Blessing of new vestments and lampadas - 07/05/2015

Al Horek donated the two Lampadas in memory of Marie Horek.  Martha Matechak donated the gold vestments in memory of Ned Matechak.

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St. Thomas Sunday

St. Thomas Sunday - 04/19/2015

Easter egg hunt.  Nancy Jurnack moving.  Blessing of over 1,500 graves.

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Pascha - 04/12/2015

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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday - 04/11/2015

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Good Friday

Holy Friday - 04/17/2015

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Fr. Steven Votovich visit

Fr. Steven Votovich, dean of St. Tikhon's Seminary visits our Church with Miracle working icon of St. Anna - 02/01/2015

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Church Yard Sale

Church Yard Sale - 09/27/2014

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Fr. Peter's 9th Anniversary to the priesthood and John's birthday

Fr. Peter's 9th Anniversary to the Priesthood and John's birthday - 09/24/2014

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Children's First Confession

First Confession - 07/27/2014

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Bp. Mark's visit

Bishop Mark's visit - 05/25/2014

Bp. Mark visited our Church with Deacon Gabriel for Divine Liturgy and a pot luck meal.  We were blessed by his visit.

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Dr. Eli Stavisky - Honorary Doctorate

Dr. Eli Stavisky received Honorary Doctorate from St. Tikhon's Seminary - 05/24/2014

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Church Easter Egg Hunt

Church Easter Egg Hunt - 05/04/2014

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Pascha - 04/20/2014

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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday Liturgy and Baptism - 04/19/2014

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Holy Friday

Holy Friday - 04/18/2014

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Mission Vespers

Mission Vespers - 03/30/2014

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Blessing of the Parish Council

Blessing of the Parish Council - 03/30/2014

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